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July 2019 Archives

Why is drug smuggling so common in Florida?

Florida is known for more than its sunshine and sandy beaches. The state is a hot spot for drug trafficking activity. Its popularity as a means of bringing drugs into the United States is expected to increase as it becomes riskier to use the U.S. southern border. An article by CBS12 News highlights some reasons for Florida’s popularity in the drug world.  

Drug cartel leader asserts poor treatment in prison

People who live in Florida and are accused of crimes should always be able to trust that their rights will still be protected even while they are in jail or prison. This is an essential tenet of the laws and the entire criminal justice system in the United States. Unfortunately, it seems that defendants do not always receive the level of treatment or respect they deserve as human beings.

Prescription drug abuse and addiction

Most people in Florida have heard numerous headlines or reports referring to an opioid epidemic facing the United States today. More people have become aware of this problem over the last couple of years yet the problem is far from being solved. The issues related to drug abuse and addiction relate to individuals' physical health and mental health as well as public safety, crime and more.

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