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An Attorney Dedicated To Defending You Against Injustice

Attorney Marco Quesada has served Miami residents as a criminal defense attorney for over 20 years. He began his career as a Florida assistant public defender. His six years there showed him how tough it can be for those facing criminal charges. He understands how quickly the system starts to work against you, and that the consequences of a criminal conviction can be severe, both inside the courtroom and in everyday life. You likely are feeling overwhelmed, and we want to ease your burden by providing a vigorous defense.

At Quesada Law Firm, we help individuals facing a variety of criminal charges, including drug charges, money laundering, conspiracy, theft and fraud. We can try cases at both the state and federal level. Attorney Quesada also assists individuals accused of violent crimes like assault and domestic violence. We understand criminal cases are sometimes complicated by immigration concerns as well. A criminal conviction will likely impact your immigration case, so we will work hard to protect your best interests.

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Personalized Service Tailored To Your Case’s Needs

Marco Quesada provides personal service to individuals facing criminal charges. After your free initial consultation, he starts to investigate your case, weigh your options and prepare your strategy. As an experienced litigator, he is always ready to bring your case to trial. He has a reputation as a trial lawyer, so, often, the other side may be willing to settle to avoid a battle.

Going to trial may not always be what is best for your case. Over the years, attorney Quesada has built a good rapport with prosecutors. He can try to meet with prosecutors before you are arraigned to try to prevent a case from being filed. Whatever charges you are facing, we will work to build the best defense strategy possible and fight each step of the way to protect your future.

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