Convictions Mean Consequences.

Know Your Rights
Before You Plead Guilty.

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Convictions Mean Consequences.

Know Your Rights Before You Plead Guilty.

Marijuana Use And Possession Remains Illegal For Most Florida Residents

Floridians legalized medical marijuana in 2016. The drug is only prescribed to people suffering from serious conditions like cancer, epilepsy, Parkinson’s and multiple sclerosis. For the rest of the state, marijuana possession and use remains illegal. Unlike some other states, Florida has not decreased its punishments related to marijuana crimes.

For a first-time offender, possession of under 20 grams of marijuana is charged as a misdemeanor. Anyone convicted of this crime can face up to a year in jail and a fine of up to $1,000. Larger amounts carry stiffer penalties. Some punishments include mandatory minimum sentences, which means if convicted, the judge must sentence you to a certain number of years in prison.

Marijuana cultivation is also illegal. An individual found with less than 25 plants could face up to five years in prison and fines. If the charges include more than 25 plants, you could face mandatory minimum sentencing and large fines.

A Lawyer Committed To Protecting Your Future

A charge of marijuana possession, sale, distribution, trafficking or cultivation can carry severe potential punishments. At Quesada Law Firm, we understand the seriousness of these charges and how the outcome of the case affects your future. Attorney Marco Quesada knows how the criminal justice system works, and he built his practice by helping defendants get the best possible outcome for each case.

A trial can sometimes be avoided. Depending on the severity of the charges and the defendant’s record, Attorney Quesada may be able to recommend pretrial intervention. Pretrial intervention allows you to avoid a criminal conviction. Instead, you enter a program that provides counseling, education and supervision.

An Advocate Who Will Uncover The Truth

Police officers may have made a mistake during your arrest. Perhaps the search was illegal, or the officers did not inform you of your rights. With over 20 years defending Miami residents from drug charges, Marco Quesada understands how often mistakes are made.

When you come in for your free initial consultation, he will listen closely to your side of what happened. Then he will start to gather evidence and build your defense. Attorney Quesada can prosecute both state and federal cases, so no matter the seriousness of your charges, he will be a staunch advocate for you and your case.

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Attorney Quesada and the rest of our team are focused on putting you in the best possible position to receive the best possible outcome in your criminal defense matter.

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