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Defenses against your drug charges

Florida law takes drug possession charges seriously and if you’re caught with a controlled substance, you could be facing serious consequences. Among other things, if you’re convicted of drug possession, you may be facing jail time, large fines, probation and the loss of your driving privileges. A drug conviction could also damage your personal and professional reputations and endanger your livelihood.

Not all drug charges end up with a conviction. The state must prove beyond a reasonable doubt certain sufficient evidence exists and if they can’t, the case could be dismissed. An attorney will help you argue the circumstances of your arrest possibly resulting in a reduction or elimination of your charges.

Amendment on voting rights for convicted felons passes in Florida

Florida voters made a decision this Tuesday that will have big impacts on individuals convicted of felonies, such as felony drug possession, in the state. They opted to pass Amendment 4. This amendment changes state law regarding convicted felons and the right to vote.

Previously, Florida had been among the few states in which convicted felons generally permanently lost their voting rights. There was a process for seeking to get such rights restored, but there were many challenges individuals faced in connection to this process.

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