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Why is drug smuggling so common in Florida?

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Florida is known for more than its sunshine and sandy beaches. The state is a hot spot for drug trafficking activity. Its popularity as a means of bringing drugs into the United States is expected to increase as it becomes riskier to use the U.S. southern border. An article by CBS12 News highlights some reasons for Florida’s popularity in the drug world.

One reason for prolific drug trafficking involves physical access. Florida’s perimeter has a lot of coastline. This leaves the state open to boats transporting cocaine and other drugs. These boats can be hard to distinguish among normal traffic on the water.

Because of Florida’s physical geography, there are three federal agencies who attempt to secure the borders. The U.S. Coast Guard works with the Air and Marine Operations of the CBP to stop smuggling via boat, while the Border Patrol focuses on smuggling attempts via land. Even with three agencies, however, Florida has very open borders that are difficult to secure.

Resources are another reason Florida is a popular place for drug smuggling. Significant funds have been allocated to patrolling the border between the U.S. and Mexico. This has increased the security of the southern border significantly. However, this means less agents for Florida, which has left opportunities for drug trafficking to flourish.

Florida’s physical attributes as well as limited security resources make it a common location for drug smuggling operations. While the Mexico border has become more secure, Florida’s border patrol system has not kept up. With the continued focus of resources on the U.S. southern border, Florida’s popularity for drug trafficking is expected to experience an upward trend.

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