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Definitions related to domestic violence offenses

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If you are like many people in Florida, you have likely heard or read reports about someone being arrested for and charged with domestic violence. However, you may not really understand what this type of charge might entail. Understanding this is important as the definitions related to these types of offenses may be broader than what you would have suspected on your own.

According to the Florida Statutes, domestic violence does not have to include only spouses as some people might believe. In fact, two people who have never been married and may never even have lived together before may be involved in these types of charges if they have a child together. One of the parents might still be at risk of being accused of domestic violence in this situation. Similarly, people who are not related by blood or marriage but who have lived in the same household together as part of a family may be involved in these charges. 

It is also important to understand that while assault and battery may contribute to domestic violence charges, physical contact is not necessarily a requirement of these charges. Alleged stalking of another person may lead to accusations of domestic violence. Allegations of kidnapping or false imprisonment may also contribute to an arrest for domestic violence.

If you would like to learn more about domestic violence laws and offenses in Florida and how the definitions outlined in the laws may impact you, please feel free to visit the domestic violence charges and defense page of our Florida criminal defense website.


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