Theft in excess of $1 million prompts extradition of Florida man

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In 2007, someone stole $1.2 million worth of Nikon camera equipment out of the back of a cargo vehicle in Spencer County, Kentucky. Over ten years later, authorities in Florida have turned over a man residing there for extradition after fingerprints taken at the scene allegedly matched his fingerprints in a nationwide database. It is not entirely clear why it took over a decade to find a fingerprint match within the database.

The man is currently 45 years old, making him approximately 35 years old at the time that the theft took place. Kentucky does not have a statute of limitations on felonies. Authorities in Kentucky have charged him with the unlawful taking of over $1 million. They have not specified whether the charge is a felony, but often the value of the goods allegedly stolen factors into whether law enforcement considers the charge a felony or a misdemeanor, with felony charges more likely the greater the amount stolen.  

The man was allegedly able to access the equipment because the vehicle was parked at the time of the theft. At this time, it is unknown what happened to the camera equipment over the intervening ten years, but authorities continue to investigate the case. Law enforcement is currently holding the man in Kentucky at the Shelby County Detention Center after booking him on Sunday.

This case illustrates that a charge of theft can potentially follow a person across state lines for very many years. The greater the value of the property stolen, the more severe the penalties can be. Those facing similar charges may find it helpful to get in contact with an attorney.

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