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What are the signs of domestic abuse?

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While most people think it’s easy to recognize an abusive relationship, for some people this is not the case. It can be tough to recognize common signs while abuse is ongoing, especially if the person has been subjected to poor treatment for a long time. WebMD explains some of the common signs so you can recognize abuse and seek help as soon as possible.


Abusers often want to cut their victims off from their family and friends to gain greater control. For instance, a person may be required to reports visits and time spent with loved ones in order to receive permission to go out. The abuser may also cause a scene when in the presence of others to deter the victim from socialization. Stalking-type behavior is also common, and this entails keeping a close watch on a person to see where they go and who they spend time with.


Bullying or threatening tactics are also quite common in abusive relationships. This encompasses many different types of s behaviors, ranging from accusations of an affair to harsh criticisms. Abusers may also make threats, yell, ascribe blame for relationship problems, or even instruct a person what to wear and how to act. None of these behaviors have a place in a healthy, loving relationship.

Physical violence

Any level of violence is not OK in a relationship. This includes preventing a person from getting medical care after being injured, pushing, biting, kicking, punching, and many other actions. Abusers may also prevent their partner from entering the home or even abandon them in a strange place with no way of getting back home again. Sexual violence may also occur, and this can entail rape, assault, or requiring a person to dress or act in a sexual manner when they don’t want to.

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