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What to do if you are arrested for drug trafficking

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Hopefully, you will never have to experience an arrest in your life time. However, if you do find yourself in that situation, knowing how to handle it can play a significant role can help your defense case.

Although police officers are required to read you your rights, they are also trained to collect evidence to the best of their ability. While being detained, police may interrogate you.

Here are some important reminders about being questioned.

Remain calm

This is certainly easier said than done given the circumstances. However, keeping a cool and collected head is essential to prevent yourself from making your situation any worse.

Under no circumstances should you resist arrest. Comply with all the instructions of the police officers until you can speak to a lawyer.

Don’t incriminate yourself

Although you should comply with all the orders the police give you, you should not talk to the police without first speaking to a lawyer. Police officers are trained to try to get you to incriminate yourself. Some specialized interrogators are even trained in human psychology and may employ a variety of tactics to try and break you. They may try to intimidate you or offer you promises of reduced sentences if you admit to the crime or “snitch” on others. Do not believe their claims of being able to help you, as only an attorney will have your interests in mind when advising you on how to proceed.

In general, speak as little as possible. Once you are arrested, you usually shouldn’t say anything besides the phrase “I would like to speak to an attorney.”

In some cases, police departments may try to have you sign a waiver of your Miranda Rights. Be very careful of anything they have you sign. In no instance are you required to waive these rights.

Speak to a lawyer

In cases involving drug trafficking, you may be made to feel that the evidence and odds are stacked against you. The truth is, criminal law is very complex, and you may not have an accurate picture of your case and all your options until you speak with an attorney.

Not only will the attorney know the law, he can provide perspective on your situation from a non-emotional state and recommend the best way to proceed to reduce or dismiss your charges.

Be sure you are adamant in invoking your Miranda Rights, so that you avoid incriminating yourself, and give yourself the most options when handling drug trafficking charges.

The content shared here are for general interest and should not be taken as legal advice.

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